Asphalt Testing

Simtec offers on-site and laboratory-based sampling and testing for all bituminous materials. Working throughout the UK, we support all construction and maintenance projects with expert materials testing systems. From resurfacing to carrying out a new project we perform UKAS accredited testing designed to provide you with as much information as possible, helping you make informed decisions that help you both manage your risk and minimise your cost base. 

Why Simtec?

Simtec Materials Testing has the capacity to carry out a wide range of asphalt testing services. Whether you need guidance on a resurfacing project or would like to test the ride quality of your new road using the Rolling Straight Edge, we at Simtec are primed and ready to assist. We are UKAS accredited in accordance with a range of BS, BS EN and ASTM specifications including;

  • Needle Penetration – BS EN1426:2015
  • Softening Point – BS EN1427:2015
  • Bitumen Recovery (Rotary) – BS EN12697-3:2013+A1 2018
  • Binder Content – BS EN12697-1:2012
  • Particle Size Distribution – BS EN12697-2:2015

Our quick and responsive teams of specialist technicians work 24/7 to complete jobs onsite and in laboratories. Sample and testing systems are primarily non-destructive employing a regime of multiple tests and sampling to give you an accurate and detailed report.

Our range of asphalt services

We offer a wide range of sampling and testing services. Supported by UKAS accreditation we can carry out:

  • Bituminous Material Sampling
  • Temperature Testing
  • Bituminous Compaction Control (PQI)
  • Bond/Tack Coat Rate of Spread
  • Surface Texture Testing (Volumetric Patch Method)
  • Rolling Straight Edge
  • Bituminous Material Laboratory Testing (Compositional Analysis)
  • Softening Point and Residual Penetration

We work with private contractors, local authorities, and other bodies to ensure the safety and integrity of highways, roads and pavements. We can also help reduce waste by testing existing asphalt and suggesting where it can be reused. This saves you valuable time and money as well as reducing waste and hazardous waste disposal. 

Tried and trusted

As an ISO 9001 service provider, we carry out our services to the highest level. From our base in Leicestershire, we sample, test, and provide in-depth reports on asphalt and bituminous materials. We also work across all sectors including Utilities, Quarries, Airports, Rail, Industry, Commercial, Residential, Environmental and Roads and highways. 

We have successfully delivered services to the construction and civil engineering industry since 2007 and are proud of the level of service and insight we bring to every job. Contact us today, using the form, to find out more about our asphalt testing services and how we can help you keep your project on track and within budget.

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