Quality control of utility works is becoming more and more important as more services are installed and repaired. Road users are more critical and more inclined to make complaints to local authorities about the ride quality of the road network.

Simtec offers a range of tests and services to monitor the materials and workmanship of these projects helping reduce the need for subsequent visits to carry out remedial works.

Our testing range covers material compliance and classification, compaction control and end product testing.

Airports and Associated Works

Simtec Materials Testing Airport work

Runway works in particular entail the placement of considerable tonnages of unbound aggregates, concrete and bituminous materials.  Simtec are UKAS accredited for many tests involved in the quality control of these elements. We can supply skilled technicians for site work and can respond quickly to requests for sampling.

Laboratory testing of samples is undertaken as soon as is possible with minimal turnaround times adhered to wherever possible.


Simtec Materials Testing Airport work



Both new railway works and general maintenance involve considerable earthworks. Simtec provides a range of soils and aggregate testing to ensure compliance of these elements.

Sand replacement density and non-nuclear density gauge testing are just two of the many UKAS accredited tests offered.

Quality and compliance of recycled rail ballast is also tested in our laboratories.

Industrial Development

Industrial developments not only include the roads and earthworks elements of residential works, they also include structural components.

Simtec can provide routine sampling and testing of materials, and workmanship as well as sub grade testing for structural design. We can carry out soils classification and strength testing, plate loading and plate bearing tests as well as contamination assessment.


Commercial developments have many aspects which require testing and quality monitoring. Prestige developments need to present a perfect finish, particularly for car parks and footways.

Simtec offers testing services for most materials used on site. We can also provide quality control of the sub base placement, bituminous materials and end product elements.