Environmental considerations have never been so high profile as they are today with increasing attention being given to drainage and climate implications of development. Brown field site development is encouraged, and remediation of contaminated sites enforced. Simtec has embraced the changes and offer a range of services in line with current expectations.

Drainage materials, soakage testing, sampling for tar content and WAC testing are all part of the Simtec service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of sample depends on the material and the reason for the testing. Simtec Materials Testing can offer advice once we know the nature of the tests required. The more information you can supply, for example, client, site name, date sampled, material type, specification etc the more accurately we can advise you. A purchase order is normally required at this stage.

Third party quality assurance and UKAS accreditation ensures a second to none service can be expected from Simtec

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