Fresh Concrete

There are many instances where fresh concrete is used on site and it can be batched on site, delivered in a mixer truck or, for a smaller volume, in a skip. The control of concrete quality is imperative in order to avoid structural failure. The two primary tests are the workability using the slump test and the cube compressive strength of the delivered mix. In both cases a strict sampling technique is used to ensure the integrity of the testing. This is carried out in accordance with BS EN 12350-1. Concrete design is very precise, particularly for structures and normally a sampling and testing regime would be specified. Simtec is UKAS accredited for sampling, slump testing and making of cubes for compression testing.

Concrete Testing Services:

  • Compressive Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Density
  • Water Absorption
  • Cement Content
  • Sulphate/Chloride Content
  • HAC Content/Presence
  • Carbonation Depth
  • Mix Design
  • Laboratory Trial Mix
  • Cube, Cylinder and Beam Manufacture
  • Air Content

Petrographic examination:

 Petrographic examination is the microscopic examination of thinly sliced sections of concrete cores to identify the mineralogy and constituents of a concrete along with identifying any degradation present.

A petrographic report provides details including:

  • Type, proportions, grading, shape and condition of aggregates
  • Presence of deleterious aggregate(s)
  • Cement type
  • Presence of additives such as fly ash
  • Depth of carbonation
  • Water / cement ratio
  • Degree of hydration
  • Microporosity
  • Total void content
  • Presence of air entrainment
  • Size and distribution of voids
  • Void lining
  • Microfracturing

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of sample depends on the material and the reason for the testing. Simtec Materials Testing can offer advice once we know the nature of the tests required. The more information you can supply, for example, client, site name, date sampled, material type, specification etc the more accurately we can advise you. A purchase order is normally required at this stage.
Concrete cube samples are testing in a calibrated hydraulic compression machine, until they fail, the resultant crushing strength can be compared to the designed strength of the concrete.
A set of six cubes are made in accordance with BS EN 1881-108 or its replacement BS EN 12390-2
Usually a week to guarantee a slot although on occasion we can work around the client to fit in urgent jobs or last minute requests.
If you require advice about any aspect of our operation please call our contact number. our staff will be happy to connect you with someone appropriate to answer your question. Further advice is available regarding laboratory and site testing as well as test results and their implication.

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