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Construction materials testing to the highest of standards.

Civil engineering operations are governed by legally enforceable contracts. Within those contracts is included a requirement for the client to be given proof that materials used are of an acceptable quality and the workmanship in handling and placing those materials is of an equally high quality. Simtec is a company developed to furnish that proof by carrying out materials testing to the high standards required by the relevant controlling standards. Within the industry various aspects are subject to the requirements of British Standards (BS), agreed European Norms (BS EN), American standards (ASTM) and the Highways England Specification for Highway Works (SHW). SIMTEC can provide on-site and in-house laboratory testing of many of these aspects and via close working relationships with other laboratories can provide further, more specialist testing.

Many of the tests offered are UKAS accredited and a full list can be viewed on-line via the UKAS website. We are, of course happy to discuss any particular requirements by phone or e-mail.

We offer services in all the following disciplines:

  • Highways and construction
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Water, drainage and utility works

We undertake testing of earthworks, concrete, unbound and hydraulically bound aggregates, bituminous mixtures and recycled aggregates. Additionally, we can provide a range of in-situ testing on both placed and naturally occurring materials including coring, surface regularity and texture, plate bearing and plate loading tests, percolation testing.

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