Our Laboratories

Simtec Materials Testing provides a high quality service from a well equipped, UKAS accredited laboratory in Leicester

Our laboratory testing is constantly monitored internally and annually audited to provide the level of service expected by our clients. Our comprehensive range of tests is UKAS accredited to guarantee the quality and validity of results and reporting.

Binder Recovery

The binder recovery apparatus allows a sample of bituminous binder to be extracted from already laid material. This sample can then be used for such tests as binder residual penetration and the ring and ball softening point.

Needle Penetration Testing

The needle penetrometer is the standard method of defining a bituminous binder by the depth of penetration of a needle under fixed laboratory conditions. It is used both for fresh bitumen and for recovered bitumen where it determines the residual penetration.

Road Core Samples

Road cores are taken as part of quality control of new road works and also from existing pavements for investigatory purposes. These 150mm diameter cores are awaiting testing of thickness and air void content. Bitumen can be extracted from these cores in order to evaluate the condition of the binder, its residual penetration and softening point.

Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength Testing

In order to prove the strength of a freshly mixed concrete, cube samples are taken in either 100mm or 150mm cube moulds. The cubes are then cured in a water bath for 28 days and are subsequently tested in a compression machine where they are subjected to increasing load until failure. The resultant crushing strength can then be compared to the design strength of the content.

Test cores can be drilled from hardened concrete enabling strength tests to be carried out on older or suspect material. These can be drilled vertically or horizontally and tested in a similar manner to cubes. Visual examination of concrete cores can be used to confirm the aggregate type and estimate the void content.

Our Accreditations

Simtec is UKAS accredited for the majority of tests carried out both on site and in the laboratory. The business is quality assured to ISO9001 through QMS International whilst HR services and health and safety are included in the registration with Citation International. Service delivery and other aspects are assisted by Avetta.