About Us

Our story in 60 seconds

Simtec was established in Leicestershire in 2007, with our core team providing a solid foundation of construction and civil engineering experience and expertise.

Since then we have grown rapidly and have established ourselves as the trusted name in construction materials testing, building a professional, practical and methodical business culture from the top down.

We’re proud of our integrity, rigour and safeguarding when it comes to testing – from quarry and plant output, to site materials and placement, to our own laboratories – we ensure the best outcomes for everyone. The natural choice for a leading testing partner. Not just a leading brand.

Today, we remain independent, serving the civil engineering, construction and quarrying industries nationally, with testing expertise that covers over 60 UKAS accreditations in asphalt, aggregates, earthworks and concrete.

Our vision and values

As experts in construction materials testing, our vision is to be the primary source of construction materials know-how and testing services, nationally. Keeping works moving by acting as the grease-in-the-wheels, ensuring risk is avoided and pace is maintained.

Be helpful. Go beyond expectations.
Be remembered for the right reasons.

Show integrity. Be accountable.
Trust colleagues. Share knowledge.

Take pride in the work. Set the
standard expected of everyone.

Invest in people, place & community.

Our facilities and laboratory services, based centrally in the East Midlands

Our testing facilities are comprehensive and are continually growing in capability to manage the demand and breadth of our customer testing requirements.


Our accreditations

As well as being independently health & safety accredited by Citation and Avetta, we are also registered with and audited by QMS International, holding ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations respectively.
Our 60+ UKAS accreditations for site and lab tests ensure you can expect the very best from Simtec.


Our team

Chris Simmons

Managing Director

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Our policies

We take our responsibility as a testing partner seriously and have produced policies that not only help improve processes, quality of service and environmental impacts, they also minimise risks for our employees, members of the public and customers.

If you would like further information on any of our policies, contact us on 0116 319 6100.

Careers at Simtec

Our people make all the difference – their skill, tenacity and attention to detail are what gives our business its edge. That’s why we work hard to find, train, develop and retain the best people.

Our graduate training programmes bake-in core skills at each level, so as team members advance through the business, they have the confidence and knowhow to support their colleagues, helping everyone grow together.